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Potential Workshops

Workshops & Events

​​​In planning workshops within the scope of Life Coaching,

I am open to creating 2 hour mini-workshops with themes

such as:

     Who am I in Retirement? 


     How to deal with clutter, emotional and physical  


     The Wheel of Life                                                                                    

     The Wheel of Needs                                                                             


     Identifying Core Values                                                                                          

     A Healthy Mindset                                                                                

     Blocks to Creating the Life You Love                                                  

     Finding the Best in the Best and in the Worst

I am open to one-on-one Life Coaching via Zoom/Phone.  I offer a one hour

complimentary "Get Acquainted" phone call to determine our compatibility,

followed by 1.5 hour sessions every other week at $135.00/Session. 

The fee for my 2 hour Mini Workshops is $65/per participant with a minimum of

5 women.