Change can be

both challenging

and exciting.

I will encourage you to attempt new ways of being and take risks.

I listen in surround sound – validate and nourish my clients – I hear what

isn't said – I ask questions for clarity and when my intuitive wisdom brings

a thought through me, I share it as a possibility for what can be your reality.

I am passionate about discovering with you your very own unique core

values and how to use those values as filters for all your decisions.  I

believe our world needs a balance of feminine/masculine innate qualities

in a partnership for healing. In working together, you and I can strengthen

the global voice of women. 

Let’s shine a light on what women in the 3rd chapter of their lives KNOW

about themselves, and in that discovery, create a celebration of YOU.​​


I will help you overcome obstacles and access the joy and excitement of life.

My clients come to respect my time and expertise.  My heart is given freely.

I will believe

in you even

when you

don’t believe

in yourself.

Inspired by Coaching Tools Company 

Your Mean Girl voice doesn’t chase me away.  I see the strong, kind, brave person you are.

I am passionate about coaching and will walk with you as you create a life you love.

I Listen Intuitively

What to expect when working with Gandolfa

I expect you to be accountable for what you say you will do.

You are naturally creative and resourceful.  You are the expert of your inner knowing.

Our relationship is one of mutual respect.  I accept you as you are without judgement.

You will learn to trust yourself and put yourself first.

 "I'm here to help you reach and unlock your natural ability to know your own wisdom."