Gandolfa is genuine, caring and listens attentively with her heart and mind.  I hold much

gratitude for our paths crossing. 

Ann C.,

A client


In my conversations with Gandolfa, I feel held in a gentle, compassionate and safe space

which enables me to feel heard, validated and nourished.  She is highly intuitive and

embodies a joyful, wise and inquisitive outlook toward life and those with whom she

engages.  My life is enriched by knowing her.

Martha Mason​, MC, LPC

I Listen Intuitively

For about 25 years now, Gandolfa has been one of the main voices of wisdom in my life. 

She has pointed me to actions, people and places that have transformed me and my work

in many ways.  To say that she listens intuitively is a true understatement.  It is almost like

Gandolfa hears the world in surround sound and then translates its wisdom into very

personal, understandable insights.  Anyone who is blessed to have her as a coach is

lucky. . .so lucky!

Shayla Roberts – Professional Coach


To High Creatives and Entrepreneurs

When I first met Gandolfa I was struck by how deeply connected I felt to her perceptive

observations.  She not only radiates joy and optimism, but she also possesses a rare

combination of compassion, courage and wisdom that make her intuitively insightful. 

These qualities, along with her playful youthfulness allow her to explore ordinary topics in a

profoundly refreshing way.  How fortunate for anyone who is lucky enough to benefit from

her vast array of life experiences.  I simply cannot imagine a person who could be more

qualified to be a Life Coach.

Janine Finney, 


Author of “The Flip Flop CEO” and “Does the Shoe Fit?”