I Listen Intuitively

Gandolfa Stegmann

Named Pluma Designs March 2021

"Business Woman of the Month"

​​​You may want to know that my beginning was in a traditional family

in the Midwest.  I am in the middle of three daughters in a family of

seven.  I married in my early twenties when my husband was in his

last year of service in the U.S. Navy.  In time we adopted Lisa and

Mike and gave birth to Juli and Laura.  Just before Juli’s birth, my

first at 32, we moved to Arizona which has been my home for 56

years.  In the years since then, as I learned to use my voice, I

completed a BA in Communications and became certified as a

Transformational Life Coach.

Enriching the lives of women through my intuitive listening and

wisdom sharing is my reason for being a Life Coach.  The gift-giving

experiences of my life have taught me to be a self-observer, to accept

and be humbled by my shadow side as I grow in compassion for

anyone with whom I interact.   I project enthusiasm, have a joyful,

wise and inquisitive outlook on life and possess a playful

youthfulness.  I know how to take my clients from what is to what

life can be.

My wisdom years are bringing to me the awareness of what I have

gathered energetically, physically and mentally throughout my

challenging and rich life. The Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, Goddess

studies and Riane Eisler’s Partnership Way theories have been of

interest to me. Just after my 70th birthday I earned a BA in

Communications, designing my own course of studies.  I have

experienced marriage, motherhood, grandparenthood, even great-

grandparenthood and during those years returned to the business

world. After retirement, I partnered in two separate clothing

design ventures, in addition to developing a program teaching life

skills to middle school aged girls. I founded The Crone’s House for

women in recognition of the last stage of a woman’s life.  Arriving

in my ninth decade signified for me a new journey. A national

program’s curriculum melded into a finely woven tapestry the

awareness of my gift of listening intuitively. That awareness has

birthed in me the desire to share with others the richness of what I

have trained to be  --  a Transformational Life Coach.